Think agile

How many targets and ambitious objectives should we prescribe for a group of people working (together)? How much agile can you stand?

Hierarchical, static and often patriarchal organizational structures are regularly contrasted with methods of agile working. Agility is sometimes confused with the total dissolution of structure. Agile working, however, has its own structures according to which work and decision-making processes take place.

They enable freedom, speed and flexible progress. Verortung supports organizations in finding their own healthy mode of agility and thus a good balance between free creativity and structural security.

Participatory in character

Agile management affects the way we work, the definition of goals and the whole attitude within a company. Agility is a spectrum with sociocracy or holocracy at one end – it is vital for any organization to identify where on that spectrum they want to position themselves. Certainly, agility will always lead to a participative type of management.

Trust them

Participative means much more than just asking for co-workers’ opinions on a project. Above all, it means recognizing the diversity of a team as a source of innovation. It means trusting that all employees are truly motivated to deliver good results. It means creating the right conditions for co-operation that allows and embraces such a motivation to flow. It also means being able to let go in the confidence that better things will come.

Errors as a precious source

Rarely the outcome of a participatory process is what we imagined beforehand. It may not correspond to our (visual) habits. Sometimes profound mitsakes happen that make us aware of the reel content. Errors are tge basis of our libes, mutations arw consantly profucing soemthing new. Creativity can be annoying, can be a nuisance, doesn’t like to fit in, wants more, wants now, doesn’t want later, is irrational and will find its way. Verortung provides formats to harness all of this and allow creativity to communicate with the vision of the organization.

Define your own agility

We may work according to Scrum or just use Kanban, we can put ideas to the test with Design Thinking or similar methods of rapid prototyping. Verortung will always ensure an appreciative perspective on employees and stakeholders that is based on Systems Thinking. Together we will find out which methods, tools and structures fit your products, how much your current corporate culture can take and to what extent it may want to embark on the journey of change itself. Agility releases forces and leads to real innovation.

Find your own way.

Together we analyse the spectrum of agile working methods that will help you usefully harness creative forces.

Through impulses and adjustments, Angel will help you define the agile approach that best suits you, your organisation and your team.