Oh dear, everything looks so different here. Do you always have to make your diversity so obvious?

Your German is really good.

It was supposed to be a compliment, but unfortunately it doesn’t come across that way.

I have a question for your boss – where is he right now?

Actually you just spoke to the planning engineer.

Fortunately we’ve still got real heroes in our society.

How many women can you spot in this image?

Dear … Mr

Dear Mrs … Ms …


So, how then? What is the best way to start this one letter?

Do we need to hire a male midwife now?

And what should the wording be like in the corresponding job advert?


To answer the initial question above: No. Because diversity is simply there and shows up all by itself. The term refers to the variety in our lives in a wide array of dimensions. It is about appreciating this diversity, actively recognising it and making the wealth it represents available to all. If it’s a bit more cheerful in the end, all the better.

Actually, it is quite strange:

Sometimes we become instantly insecure when we want to address people without stepping on their toes. In today’s world, it seems as if the rules of interaction we once learned no longer apply.

Different groups of people want to be addressed differently. But what is right and what is wrong? How can we put statements clearly and respectfully without discriminating and excluding? How can we reach our target groups?

With ease!

Verortung approaches the topic of diversity in a playful way – without uptightness and lecturing. We offer insightful, light-hearted and constructive training on diversity.

In full-day workshops, you gain an understanding of the various aspects of the topic of diversity and build up confidence in dealing with it. You recognise the potential of your employees and make them productive in all areas of the company. With guidance, you will develop the profile of authentic and vibrant diversity that suits your company.

Find tailored solutions that work out for you.

Gay and foreigner.

As a gay immigrant child, I have been confronted with many stereotypes about myself. Usually, I learned much more about those who confronted me with their images.

I have felt my own otherness again and again in my biography — not because I experienced myself differently, but because I experienced being treated differently.

Funny enough, I am very well acquainted with that one sentence that indeed I speak very good German. Every now and then I will be confronted with it, usually in an ongoing conversation in which it should already be clear that I am a native German speaker. The sentence always leads to a mixture of astonishment, incomprehension and anger — even though it has enabled me to learn and practise a bit of understanding and a change of perspective myself: Where do I project my own ideas and images onto other people, who are then busy trying to free themselves from them?

Of course I’m different. We all are. My hope is simply that I can enrich, just as others enrich me. And that is only possible where we can all contribute who we are.