Have the courage to break away from limiting sentences and seek new narratives that can be more helpful to you.

Angel Ramirez as coach

We often have thoughts in our heads that have been circling for too long. These thoughts suggest a problem as an insurmountable wall. On the other side of that wall, everything is clear and easy and beautiful — we think. We can ask the thoughts questions. Well-asked questions are always part of the solution.

Often these thoughts have to do with decisions in out private life as well as in the professional context. Very often we are unsure about our current position and where we would like to be instead: Where do I stand at the moment and what options arise from this position that make sense for me? What do I really want?

Support through coaching

In addition to facilitating development processes of organisations, teams and individuals in a corporate context, Angel Ramírez also accompanies clients outside this context. He runs a coaching practice in Berlin that focuses on deep understanding and defining authentic answers. Methods of systemic coaching as well as philosophical practices, as developed in Germany in the 1980s, are the basis of his work with clients.

As a certified coach, he supports clients in clarifying and answering vital questions that arise and in finding orientation in dealing with difficult or unclear issues. He often works with people in leadership positions who wish for growth (not only) in their professional role. However, people from other walks of life also come to him.

Allow for change.

Changing situations that we experience as unpleasant has a lot to do with choices.

Angel Ramírez helps clients ask the appropriate questions and find answers that lead to real change. But above all: to find their very own answers.