Enabling change

Individuals and organizations need both: steadiness and change. This sounds paradoxical and trivial at the same time, and that is precisely where the challenge lies.

Complex environments present us with various demands. These may be in the field of competition, they may result from new ownership structures or internally through new colleagues and consequently evolving frameworks. This requires reaction as well as action, which is the only way an organization, a team or a person can productively meet the challenges of change.

Change and continuity alternate and transformation can only take place where this is accepted and supported. People and organizations alike benefit from thoughtful guidance through the inevitable change.

Change-Management: Change follows innovation

Change management has replaced the term innovation management. It is becoming increasingly clear that innovation cannot be “managed”. Innovation though will always trigger change, and it is the ensuing change that can be made sustainable and meaningful. It is precisely the clever design of a change process that will determine whether the innovation — regardless of how groundbreaking it is — can unfold and come to fruition. Outstanding ideas become reality when everything is set on participation and everyone actively follows the vision. Then change will go hand in hand with innovation.

Change is a process

There are many reasons for change management: a new competitive pressure, an adjustment in corporate culture due to a merger or takeover, the implementation of new IT solutions, new leadership with new ideas, etc. These changes create the need to act and always require an adaptation of the vision, products and processes. They must be supported by a participative type of management, transparent decision-making and open communication.

Focus on vision

Angel Ramírez will help you manage your vision, development of strategy and the following change processes. We accompany you through phases of transformation between periods of steadiness and enable you to make necessary adjustments, keeping in mind the requirements of your stakeholders.

Enable change:

with foresight, strength of vision and skilled precision.

So that your organisation finds and masters the viable path through change. Don’t just “survive” change, but use it as a source of empowerment and activation instead.